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Seagulls, based out of Philadelphia, PA, have completed work on their sophomore album, Thrown Voice. Self-produced and mastered by TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, Ben Gibbard, David Bazan), the recordings took place in a smattering of East Coast locations and serve as the expansive, cinematic follow-up to Seagulls’ debut LP Great Pine. The intricately composed arrangements and nuanced production throughout Thrown Voice elevate Seagulls into new territory, creating an immersive experience that is as simultaneously intimate in headphones as it is begging for a large theatre. 

After gaining steam from its initial self-release, Great Pine was re-released on Yellow K Records and pressed to vinyl. While their first LP received positive press, the undeniable undercurrent propelling Seagulls has been the sense of organic growth, evidenced by the sold out shows and consistent inclusions on Spotify Discover playlists.

The core of Seagulls’ expansion has always been at the word-of-mouth level - a result of their approach to releasing honest, genuine music that looks to the past with an eye to the future. Thrown Voice is an album about communication - interpersonally, with the environment, within one’s self - and the way that technology can facilitate or get in the way of those interactions. It’s a follow-up about the importance of following up.